Adhesives & Sealants Industry January 2012 by Susan Sutton

By Susan Sutton

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PRESENTATION SECRETS. Do What You Never Thought Possible with Your Presentations / Masterstvo prezentatsii. Kak sozdavat prezentatsii, kotorye mogut izmenit mir (In Russian)

«Masterstvo prezentatcii» â€" o tom, kak slit v edinoe tceloe vse sostavliaiushchie prezentatcii: strukturu, dramaturgiiu, dizain i tekhniku vystupleniia. Ona o tom, kak dobivatsia ot svoikh prezentatcii bolshego: bolshe emotcii, bolshe prikliuchenii, bolshe ispytanii i bolshe rezultatov. U knigi est tri glavnykh preimushchestva: ona polezna, udobno strukturirovana i legko chitaetsia.

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