A Deleuzean Interrogation of Property and Subjectivity by Nathan Moore

By Nathan Moore

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If he had been, this potential would have been actualised. To try and claim that he had potential but that it was lost before he could actualise it, is to argue for the possessionof something which ' 1 had This is never existence. a good example of the terror of the dialectic: you are not but for the other - the dominance of the what you experience what you represent symbolic over the imaginary. This suggests a kind of essentialism that cannot be avoided by arguing for the negativity of abstract free will, because it is an essentialism exterior to the thing in question.

That it does not go `anywhere. ' The present passes, but not the former present that it already was. If that passes into the past as well, then there can be little difference between the former present and its present-present, and we would return to the same question: what makes the former present pass? The answer must be that each new its former but ' `self, also, each new own present not only exists simultaneously with present (and thus each present) co-exists with the whole of the past in its entirety.

That to their of e. otherness), presupposes similarity. relation a for dog in because this the resulting a and an elephant way example compare would not, difference would tell us nothing useful about either. This is becausethey lack 10 difference is difference does On hand, that the not a real other unilateral similarity. depend upon any external support: it exists in itself as that which is different from itself. In relation to the dialectic the preservation of difference is not a real difference at all.

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